The truth is that not everyone has the qualities to run a Marathon. We don't live in geographical regions and climates conducive to making world-class athletes like Kenya.

Some people when it comes to running in general and marathon in particular are even overweight or have never played sports.

So, as soon as participating in a Marathon or any other distance, each person will have a personal goal and everyone will have their own victory.

Emil Zátopek - Athletes won 3 gold medals from 5km, 10km and Marathon at the 1952 Olympics - said:

“If you want to run, run for a mile. If you want to experience a different lifestyle, run the Marathon ”.

Exactly Emil Zátopek say, every Marathon runner will come with a different lifestyle. On the broader side, each race is not just a Marathon, it will be each person's individual race.

At Longbien Marathon 2021 we are proud to bring the #makingchampions slogan. You become a winner in your own way at LBM2021.

Specifically, the LBM2021 race continues to be certified by AIMS with some interesting adjustments for you to finish the race more easily.

Your achievements at LBM2021 can be used to register for the world's largest Marathons like the Bostos Marathon.

If you want a specific goal, our experienced Pacer team will help you get there. At LBM2020, more than 1500 athletes registered to attend the FM distance, including 343 athletes achieving Sub 4 hours. More than half of the runners completed the Marathon in less than 5 hours (920 people).

Let's start with your winnings at LBM2021.

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