Project LBM 2021 - 100 towards a better running Vietnam.

Project LBM 2021-1000 is a project towards a running Vietnam with the goal of 2021 Marathon runners at Longbien Marathon 2021. Including 1000 Marathon SUB 4 athletes (Marathon under 4 hours),

Athlete Nguyen Tien Hung completes the Boston Run on the Longbien Marathon.

Longbien Marathon 2020 has seen 1600 athletes register to run Marathon - a record number of Marathon tournaments in Vietnam.

Not only that, LBM2020 has up to 343 athletes achieving under 4 hours. More than half of the runners completed the Marathon in less than 5 hours (920 people).

Athletes attend Longbien Marathon 2020

Longbien Marathon 2021 continues to receive the support of a large number of athletes across Vietnam. Open for sale on the 2nd of the New Year, within 24 hours after opening registration, more than 1000 athletes registered at the Marathon and this number continues to increase.

The above figures form a solid basis for the big goal of Project LBM 2021-1000.

The project pledges to sponsor round-trip airfare with BIB to attend the Boston Marathon for the fastest athletes of the five age groups to compete, including:

  • 18 - 34 (one player)
  • 35 - 39 (one player)
  • 40 - 44 (one player)
  • 45 - 49 (one player)
  • 50 - 54 (one player)

VKL Runners Club - one of the running groups participating in the Longbien Marathon with a large number of members with very good results.

In addition, the project will also organize competitions between clubs, training schools for movement athletes in Vietnam and a series of virtual running events, real runs, Championship tournaments ahead of Longbien. Marathon 2021.

The Longbien Marathon is a running race belonging to the International Marathon Association. With an IAAF-AIMS-certified flat track, athletes can use the Longbien Marathon results to register for major international competitions such as the Boston Marathon, TCS New York Marathon, Berlin Marathon, etc.

The Longbien Marathon is also the scoring run for the Wanda Age Group World Championships of the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

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