On October 31, 2021, Longbien Marathon will return to version 2021. Following the success of the previous five seasons, LBM's 6th season continues to bring you to modern roads and copper infrastructure. ministry in Long Bien district.

With the goal of bringing victory to each athlete, the slogan of the Longbien Marathon season 6 will be #makingchampions.
Therefore, the running track of the LBM2021 continues to be measured according to the AIMS standard of the world athletics federation.
The organizers made every effort to design a line and minimize obstacles to bring out the best results for the athletes.

Your performance at LBM can be used to register for tournaments that require a rigorous performance, such as the 6-tournament system of (World Marathon Majors). FM distance of which 343 athletes achieved Sub 4 hours. More than half of the runners completed the Marathon in less than 5 hours (920 people).

These talking numbers indicate the high level of expertise that the organizers and athletes join in the dark every time they enter race day.
In addition to the professional element, if you love the romance and the open landscape of the countryside, a part of the LBM run on the Duong River dike will provide an enjoyable experience.

Similar to previous seasons, the LBM 2021 continues to be a non-profit 100% run. Longbien Marathon re-invested 100% in profit to develop quality and raise the level of Vietnamese sports movement; and support the Fund for the Poor in Long Bien District.
See you all again at the LBM 2021 runway with a #makingchampions goal.

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